• 3 Surprising Facts About Cannabis Edibles

    From stress and anxiety to chronic pain and digestive discomfort, cannabis can be an effective option for individuals searching for relief that does not come from toxic medications. Because of the proven benefits, many states have legalized cannabis for medicinal and/or recreational purposes. For example, Colorado currently has over 500 dispensaries registered for medicinal use and over 400 dispensaries registered for recreational use. Even though you can purchase traditional marijuana at these dispensaries, cannabis can also be consumed through edibles. [Read More]

  • Get The Best Dispensary POS Software Available To Help You Run Your New Business Successfully

    If you are going to open a dispensary in a few weeks, you should search for dispensary POS software that you can use each day when completing transactions with your customers. The software will make things a lot easier for you while you focus on running your new business. It Makes It Easier to Keep Track of Your Inventory As customers make purchases inside the dispensary, you need to be aware of what is selling and what is not selling. [Read More]