Going Beyond Pot For Human Consumption: How To Expand Product Lines In Your Dispensary

Posted on: 20 February 2019

A cannabis dispensary in a state where marijuana has been legalized is all well and good, but you are going to discover that selling only smokeable marijuana is going to short your business and make you less competitive. As supply chains and dispensaries increase in states where this drug is legalized, consumers are just going to pick whatever dispensary is readily available and closest to them at the time they want to buy product. To get a competitive edge on other dispensaries, you will need to expand your product lines. Here are a few suggestions to get you started on expanding your store.


Not everyone smokes, which is why it is so important to give consumers more options. More options include "edibles," edible products containing CBD oil, hash oil, and/or bits of the cannabis leaves. This translates into chocolate bars, cookies, brownies, and other desirable treats that tend to pair well with the use of cannabis. You could even include a bakery in your dispensary that makes fresh edibles daily, a feature that is both bold and daring, but is likely to pay off when it separates you and your dispensary from the competition. 

Pet Treats

No joke; cannabis treats for pets are quickly becoming as popular as cannabis legalization. The treats help pets with arthritis and separation anxiety issues. They are meant only for dogs and cats, however. Still, you could have a whole pet line of products in your dispensary, and they would not take up a lot of room. Consumers who come in for pet products would stay to buy some product for themselves. 

Oils, Ointments, and Salves

If consumers do not want to consume marijuana in the above fashions, you could sell the medicinal properties of this drug in the form of oils, ointments, and salves. Many people know that marijuana can relieve pain and reduce inflammation, but some consumers only want to target the sore areas, not the whole body. If you sell oils, ointments, and salves that contain CBD and/or medical marijuana, these consumers can come to your dispensary/store and get exactly what they want and need. 

Cookbooks, Recipes, and Ingredients

Finally, you could include a couple of cookbooks or recipe books that tell consumers how to make their own edibles using product and ingredients found in your store. They can buy the books, the oils for cooking, and the marijuana to take home and make their own. Since they are only allowed to take home very small amounts of product/oil, they would have to keep coming back to buy more in order to try all of the recipes in the books. 

For more information, contact your local cannabis dispensary.