Riding Gear Essential To Keeping Your Kids Safe On Dirt Bikes Or ATVs

Posted on: 24 April 2019

When your kid decides that he or she wants to ride a dirt bike or ATV, a parent's stress level can increase ten-fold. You will have some shopping to do for gear — the gear will matter more than the machine if or when a crash occurs. Here, you'll find a short list of gear that you should equip your kid with before allowing him or her to ride.


The absolute most important purchase you'll make is the helmet that'll protect your kid's brain from impact. When buying a helmet, make sure that you're following the fitting guide. You'll be provided with the measurements of the helmet — it's up to you to measure your kid's head to make sure that it will fit snugly.

When you get the helmet, have your kid put it on. Grab the helmet and mimic picking your kid up with it — the helmet should pretty much stay in place — you want it to fit snugly, especially at first because the padding will compress after a few hours of wear. If the helmet can be turned side to side at all, it's too big, and you'll need to get the next size down.


Eye protection is another thing to remember. There will be insects flying, dirt being launched here and there, and who knows what else flying through the air as your kid is riding. A pair of goggles, like 509 goggles, will eliminate the chances of eye injuries and make it easier for your kid to see clearly when riding.

If your kid is a mud-rider, you'll probably want to get goggles with tear away lens covers. Tearaway lens covers make it possible to keep on riding when the conditions are wet and muddy. When the lens is covered with mud or debris, the first layer of plastic is ripped away to reveal a clear next layer.

Jersey and Riding Pants

The jersey isn't quite as important as the riding pants are, but the material will allow the skin to breathe after all of the other gear is put on over it. The pants are made in a way to help prevent injuries during crashes. These pants will not rip as easily upon impact which will help to keep your kid's skin intact.


Don't forget to look into the back and neck braces as well as a chest protector. There is a lot of safety gear for you to look into that will all play an important role in protecting your kid from injuries.

Start shopping now so that when your kid is ready to ride, you'll have all of the gear he or she needs to stay as safe as humanly possible.