Three Popular Arcade Fighting Game Types

Posted on: 20 March 2023

Arcade games are available in a wide range of genres that appeal to all sorts of gamers. While some people enjoy sports games and puzzle games, there are many gaming enthusiasts who love fighting games. Fighting games can be a lot of fun, whether you're playing on your own or with a partner. If you favor playing with someone else, you commonly have the option of competing against one another or being on the same side. An arcade game supplier carries a lot of different fighting games, with most of them falling into one of these three categories.


Head-to-head fighting games are immensely popular and are a fixture in virtually every arcade center you visit. This game type features one character fighting against another character. Generally, players have the ability to choose their character, and each character offers different attributes. For example, one character may be small but fast, while another may be large but strong. These games often feature characters from all sorts of different backgrounds. For example, some will be martial artists, while others will have various superpowers. It can be fun to gather some friends and have a tournament with a head-to-head fighting game.


Another popular fighting arcade game is a side-scroller. This means that your character moves through the virtual world as it scrolls past from side to side. Commonly, the character will appear in a certain environment and have to defeat a number of enemies that approach from different directions. Once you've beaten the enemies, you can walk from left to right to explore more of the world — and, of course, encounter more enemies. Different side-scroller arcade games can have different numbers of players. This often means that you can play with one or more partners.

Combat Sports

There are also many arcade games that focus on combat sports as a form of fighting. Whereas the above two game types give characters the ability to use weapons, combat sports games typically involve hand-to-hand fighting. For example, you'll see a lot of games that involve boxing, mixed martial arts, and even wrestling. Some of these games are licensed, which means that you can play as characters that depict actual combat sports professionals. If you're interested in exploring the many different arcade games that fit into each of these categories, look for an arcade game supplier in your area.

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