Upgrade Your Handgun With A New Set Of Grips

Posted on: 14 February 2023

Your local gun shop can not only sell you the firearms that you wish to buy but can also provide a selection of aftermarket parts that you can buy and install yourself. This can be appealing whether you're buying a handgun, a rifle, or another type of firearm. Many handgun owners enjoy making a few simple changes to their firearms, including installing a new set of grips. If you like your gun but want to give it a different look or feel, a new set of grips can be a simple DIY project to take on. Here are three grips that you'll commonly find at a gun shop.


A lot of handgun owners choose to change their gun grips to a set made of rubber. This change won't often significantly alter the look of the gun, but it will make a big difference in how the gun feels. Rubber gun grips have a grippy quality that can make you feel more confident when you're handling your firearm. For example, if you have a handgun that you use for home defense, you want to be confident that you can hang onto it if you ever need to use it. Rubber grips are often a lot grippier than stock grips, so this may be a change that interests you.


If you're interested in changing the look of your handgun, a set of wooden grips can be an idea to think about. Wooden gun grips help to give a firearm more of a vintage look. If you've recently bought a revolver that has somewhat of a traditional look, but you want to make it look even more vintage, browse the wooden gun grips at your local gun shop. You can expect to see several different types of wood, including finishes from glossy to matte.


Many gun shops have a variety of synthetic gun grips for sale, and you may enjoy browsing these options to find a suitable look. Many synthetic grips are heavily textured, which can allow you to grip the gun more confidently than with the stock grips. You'll also see some synthetic grips that have a vivid appearance — for example, some of these grips have a patriotic design that features stars and stripes. If you want to make your gun stand out more, this look may appeal to you. Visit a local gun shop to learn more about aftermarket gun grips.