Want to Carry a Concealed Weapon? Go to a CCW Training Class

Posted on: 20 April 2022

If you want to carry a concealed weapon for safety purposes or other reasons, you should first go to a CCW training class. This may be required but it does depend on the state that you live in. Keep reading to learn information about CCW training classes so you can start carrying your concealed weapon. 

Teach You About Your Gun

The first thing you will learn is about your gun. Bring your own gun to your class to ensure you will be taught how to use the gun that you own. The instructor will teach you about the different parts of the gun and how to load it with ammunition. They will also teach you about different types of ammunition that can be used in guns. The instructor may teach you how to clean your gun and properly take care of it. 

Teach You About Firing a Gun

The instructor will teach you how to properly hold the gun in your hand, how to aim the gun, and how to fire it. Many classes take you to a shooting range or they may have their own shooting rain. Targets are set up for you to shoot at. The targets will be marked in different areas, and you will be told exactly where to shoot to see if you hit your mark. For example, the target may be a fake person and have marks on the legs, the arms, the heart, the head, etc. 

Teach You How to Carry Your Gun

You will also be taught how to properly carry your concealed weapon. One way is to carry the gun outside your waistband to give you easy and fast access to it. This works great if you have long a jacket or shirt on that will cover the weapon.  Another way to carry a concealed weapon is inside your waistband. With this, you won't have to worry about wearing a long jacket or shirt to hide the gun.  The gun is placed on your dominant side to ensure you can pull it out quickly.

A holster is used to put the gun in, so you need to ensure the holster has enough padding to make the gun comfortable against your body and that the holster fits you well. 

After your training class, you will be given a written test to get your certification. You may also have a test to ensure you know how to use and shoot your gun properly.