Choose A Swing Set That Has These Three Swings

Posted on: 1 March 2022

If your children love visiting a local park to play on the swing set, you may wish to consider buying a swing set that you can set up in your backyard. Doing so can provide your kids with hours of entertainment, as well as be an enjoyable way for your kids to play with other children from the neighborhood. There are lots of residential swing sets on the market, and it can be fun to check out the different products to find the right one. When it comes to the swings themselves, it's ideal if you choose a set that has these three swings.

Bucket Swing

A bucket swing is a swing that is designed for young children under adult supervic. If your children are young, you'll definitely want a swing set that features at least one bucket swing. When a child sits in this swing, their legs hang out through two holes and there's a band that sits in front of their waist. A bucket swing is highly safe because when a child is using it correctly, it's impossible for them to fall out while swinging.

Belt Swing

You'll also want your residential swing set to feature a belt swing. This is a simple-looking swing that is a fixture on swing sets at most community parks. It gets its name from its design, which features a heavy belt that stretches between the two chains. Older children will favor belt swings because they're easy to get on and off. If you want to occasionally go for a swing with your children, you'll want to sit on a belt swing because it's a suitable size for most adults.

Trapeze Swing

Many residential swing sets also feature one trapeze swing, which can be a good option for children who enjoy gymnastics and other similar activities. This swing hangs closer to the top bar of the swing set than the other swings, and consists of a firm, straight bar from which a pair of handles commonly hang. Kids will reach upward, grab the handles with both hands, and then pump their bodies back and forth until they start to swing. It can be a fun challenge for a child to use their arm strength to lift their body high in the air, perhaps performing a gymnastics-style move before jumping to the ground below. Look for each of these swings when you shop for a swing set or click here for more info about finding a playset for your home.