A Recreational Catamaran That Is Inflatable

Posted on: 14 October 2020

If you enjoy recreational activities while spending time at a local lake, investing in an inflatable catamaran will provide you countless ways to accommodate your family and friends during informal gatherings. Enjoy fishing, soaking up the sun, or touring the lake, all while aboard a lightweight yet sturdy watercraft that is easy to operate.

A Style That Includes Accessible And Safety Features

Getting in and out of a fiberglass boat that contains a tall bow can be challenging and the loading and unloading of passengers can cut into the amount of time that is designated for a water adventure. An inflatable catamaran is designed to look like a standard watercraft, but it contains a marine-grade plywood base, which can be separated from the body of the boat. This type of watercraft requires a hand pump to fill each air chamber that runs around the outside of the boat.

Because the bow of the boat is lowered, people can climb into an inflatable boat from either a dock or while they are in the water. The thick tubes that make up a catamaran's body will aid in keeping a boat stable, plus one will contain a small electric motor, which will allow an operator to move the watercraft in a precise manner.

Easy Storage, Transport, And Setup

If you decide to buy a catamaran, purchase an inflatable product that is a color that you prefer and choose a model that will accommodate the number of people who will be spending time with you on most of your water adventures. The body of the boat will need to be secured to the base prior to filling the air chambers.

Some watercraft dealers include a hand pump and a patch kit that can be used to set up a boat and repair its body if it becomes pierced by a sharp object. Since the base of the boat is made out of plywood, you won't need to worry about damage occurring if you decide to dry dock your boat. If you accidentally overinflate one of the air chambers, use the pressure relief gauge to remove the excess air.

When you are out on the water, you can allow the motor to do most of the work or you can implement paddles to aid in keeping the boat on a specific track. After each boating adventure, deflate the air chambers and separate the body from the base. The small, compact design will make it convenient to store and transport the watercraft.

For more information, contact an inflatable catamaran supplier.