Planning Your African Hunting Trip

Posted on: 27 August 2018

Taking a hunting trip to Africa can be a lifelong dream for many individuals. However, those that have never been on an African hunting trip will want to be sure that they are being as thorough as possible when planning for this trip.

Review The Local Game Management Laws

It is likely that there is a particular type of animal that you are wanting to hunt. At the start of the planning process, you should thoroughly research the local gaming laws concerning the animals that you wish to hunt. This will allow you to know the time of year when hunting is allowed, the game limits that are in place along with any other specifications that will need to be followed. Furthermore, these regulations will outline the areas where hunting activities are allowed. Violating these rules can lead to extremely expensive fines, and taking the time to become well-versed in these regulations can help you with avoiding these issues.

Be Prepared For Insects

Individuals are often surprised by the number of insects that can be encountered during the spring and summer months. Unfortunately, many traditional insect repellents may not be suitable for your hunting trip. This is due to the scents that are in these products as it can alert the game to your presence. The severity of these problems will largely be determined by the game that you are hunting as some animals will be more sensitive to these scents. When choosing an insect repellent, you should opt for one that is free of any scents while also being made of all-natural ingredients. For example, many herb-based insect repellents can be extremely effective for those that are hunting game animals.

Hire A Professional Guide

Traveling all the way to Africa only to have an unsuccessful hunt can be a devastating experience. Unfortunately, individuals that fail to hire a professional guide will find that the odds of this are much higher. When you work with a guide, they will be able to take you to the prime hunting areas. While this may not guarantee a successful hunt, it will give you the best chances possible.

Be Respectful Of The Environment

Much of your time on this trip will be spent on game and nature preserves. Minimizing your impact on these environments is essential. While many people are aware of obvious things such as avoiding littering, there are other ways individuals can harm the environment. One example of this will be avoiding driving in sensitive areas. 

Many of these preserves will have areas deemed sensitive, and vehicles are usually banned from these zones to protect the plant life or to minimize erosion. There are also usually water regulations in place to minimize the risk of contamination. Adhering to all of these rules can seem like a burden, but it will help to protect the local habitat.

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