Are You A Young Golfer?

Posted on: 11 July 2018

When did you start playing golf? Do you parents golf? Perhaps you were tiny when you got your first little set of plastic golf clubs, and they turned out to be your very favorite toys. Or it might be that you decided to take a golf class in high school, just because you didn't want to play football, basketball, or one of the other team sports. It could even be that you have never had a golf club in your hand, but you have watched golf played by your parents, other adults, or professionals on television shows who have shown you that golf is something you would like to embrace. From going on the golf course with more experienced players, to enrolling in a junior golf camp like those offered by College Golf Camps, here are some ideas that might help you.

Go With Experienced Players

Maybe your mom, your dad, or both parents invited you to join them in golf ages ago, but you just weren't interested. Speak up. Tell them you've changed your mind and that you would like to go with whomever is going to the golf course to try your hand at this game. If your parents don't golf, think about asking a friend, whether your age or a full-grown adult, if you can learn golfing skills by accompanying him or her on the golf course. Doing this will more than likely help you to learn which club you want to use for each type of move, just to get that golf ball in a tiny hole. 

Enroll In Junior Golf Camp

Whether you have played golf before or you just want to learn the game, think of asking your parents to sign you up for a junior golf camp. At golf camp, you'll more than likely be taught skills by individuals who are not only excellent golfers themselves, but who are comfortable around kids and actually enjoy being in their company. The added benefit is that you'll be making new friends who also have an interest in learning how to be better golfers. Don't worry if you're not great at the game yet. You'll probably be placed with other kids who have about the same level of playing that you do. You'll get to watch demonstrations of different techniques, and then you'll be taught how to use them yourself. Remember that repetition is what will probably make you into a great golfer.