3 Reasons To Enroll Your Teenagers in Ballet Class

Posted on: 30 March 2018

Ballet is not just for dancers who aspire to be professionals. Ballet is a great sport that can provide your child with a fun way to exercise. It can help build up your teen's confidence and it can help engage their creative side. Ballet is a great sport for people of all ages to take up. Here are three reasons ballet for teens is worth considering for the teenagers in your life.

#1 Great Way To Exercise

Exercising is vitally important for children and teens. Not every child is into traditional team sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball, or football. If your child is not interested in team sports, that doesn't mean that they have to lose out on exercise or being a part of a team. 

Ballet is a great way for your teenagers to get moving and exercising. Ballet works out your teens' core muscles, strengthening their stomachs and backs. Having a strong core can help save children from back problems in the future. Ballet works out arm and leg muscles as well. Ballet is really a full-body workout, working out all the major muscle groups. 

Ballet is also a great cardio workout as well. When your child is dancing around, he or she will get in all the cardio needed. 

#2 Great Team-Building Opportunity

Ballet is also a great team-building opportunity. Although it may not seem like a team sport in the same way that basketball or football is, the dancers that take classes together bond just like a team does.

They have to work together and advance together. If one person doesn't get the steps, then everyone has to do the steps over again. They learn to support and encourage one another, just like a team. If your teens take dance classes where they put on performances, they will have to try out for spots and work together to create the production.

Ballet is a great way for your child to learn team-building skills. 

#3 Creative Outlet

It is important for all kids to have a creative outlet. With ballet, your teenagers will learn a new way of expressing themselves. They will learn how to tell their bodies to tell a story, and they will learn about the long history of using dance to convey important stories and messages. 

This may help your teens be more creative on their own outside class as well. Ballet can help children to be more open about expressing themselves. Your teen may want to take up other types of dance or be more willing to participate in other group events, such as dance productions at school. Ballet can help your child learn how to be creative. 

Ballet is not just for individuals who aspire to be professional dancers. Ballet is a great source of exercise, a way to bond with others in a team-orientated environment, and a great creative outlet.