Storing Firearms When You Live In A Studio Apartment

Posted on: 27 February 2018

Having one living space and very little closet space means that you do not have much extra space around. Though you may not have the extra room it does not mean that you have to get rid of your extra hobbies. If you tend to go shooting or hunting, you will need a space to safely keep your guns. Keeping guns at home is often the safest method of making sure they are in good condition. here are a few tips for storing your firearms when you are living in a studio apartment. 

Keep the records inside of a drawer

Every home needs a locked drawer. Whether you prefer to have a tall filing drawer with a lock or a small fireproof box that comes with a lock and key, keep your records in these. Once you purchase a gun, whether from a gun shop or from a private seller, you need to keep a record of all of your guns. Place the ownership papers and serial numbers inside of the locked drawer and keep several copies of the key. 

Get a locked closet

A locked closet is one of the first things that you need to purchase for your studio apartment. The closet can be in the shape of a school locker or it can look just like a tall armoire. This is the perfect place to store your guns. Be sure that the closet is tall enough to keep shotguns and any other semi-automatic weapons that you have. Purchase a gun rack to hold these up carefully and tightly so that accidentally bumping it in your crowded studio does not move any guns. Store the small handguns on the shelves and be sure to put a cover around each of them. Any time you open the closet, make sure to lock it back securely. 

Keep the bullets with your other gear

Whether you like to go hunting or go to the range, you need to have gear for these excursions. Keep all bullets for your guns along with the gear. This will ensure that you don't have to worry about removing too many items from the locked closet. Storing the bullets separately is not only safe, but it is a better idea if you have a small amount of space in order to pack for your trips. Since bullets and magazines are often small, they can be kept inside of a duffle bag or rucksack long term without any fuss. 

For more information about firearms for sale, talk with a gun store near you.