Three Benefits Of An Open-Style Horse Stall Front

Posted on: 2 February 2018

When you raise and board horses at your farm, the manner in which you design your barn — and, more specifically, the horse stalls inside it — is hugely important. There are many styles of horse stall fronts to consider, but a standard option is one that is solid on the bottom half and open (or, more commonly, partially barred) on the upper half. This style can have plenty of visual appeal. For example, vertical planks on the bottom half that match the wood you use to build your barn can really tie things together. However, you should also consider an open-style front. This style is often barred from the ground up, and offers several advantages.

Easy For Identifying Issues

When the bottom half of your horse stalls is solid, you won't immediately identify issues when you walk through the barn. With these stall fronts, you'll need to physically approach the stall and look over the top. This isn't something that you'll always do, as you may be rushing through the barn, and you could miss seeing something important. For example, perhaps a horse is laying down and showing signs of illness. With an open-style front, you'll easily notice the issue and can react accordingly.

Encouragement To Keep Stalls Clean

It doesn't take long for the floors of your horse stalls to get messy with droppings from the animals. This mess is much more evident when your horse stall fronts are open. And, while you might like the idea of the mess being obscured by opaque stall fronts, this is only masking the problem. When the horse stall fronts are see-through, they provide plenty of encouragement for you to keep the stall floors clean.

Ideal For Young Visitors

When you own a horse farm, you can count on youngsters coming to visit. Whether it's a group of students from a nearby school or a youth organization, field trips to horse farms to view the animals and even get a chance to feed them are common. Children will enjoy seeing the horses, but doing so can be a challenge when the stall fronts are solid on the lower half. Many of the children won't be tall enough to see over this solid wall, which can result in children getting bored. When the stall bottoms are open, however, kids of all ages will easily be able to look through to see each of the horses.

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