Improve Your Family's Health By Organizing These Nutrition Challenges

Posted on: 29 November 2017

Whether you feel a little concerned about your family's health or you're just trying to get everyone to eat healthier, it can be fun to introduce a nutrition challenge in which everyone can take part. One idea is to suggest one challenge per month. This way, your family members can focus on making on healthy dietary change without feeling the overwhelming feeling that can come with trying to make numerous dramatic dietary changes at the same time. You may wish to make up a scoreboard on which each family member can check off the day that he or she achieves the goal of the challenge. Here are three nutrition challenges that you might wish to institute.

No Eating Refined Sugar

Cutting out sugar for a month is a health-conscious change that you and your family can make for the betterment of your health. Sugar, of course, has a long list of unhealthy side effects, including contributing to weight gain. It can be difficult to cut down on sugar, given its addictive nature, but your family can feel much healthier avoiding this product for a month. Refined sugars are present in baked goods, cereals, and virtually every type of dessert. In order to give your family some sweet and healthy options, make sure that you load up on fresh and frozen fruit before this month-long challenge begins.

No Eating In Front Of The TV

Eating while watching TV isn't inherently bad for you, but it does pose a few challenges. One issue can be that when you're eating while distracted, you aren't overly cognizant of how much you're eating. This can mean that while you focus on the screen, you mindlessly consume a considerable amount of food. Additionally, because many people favor junk food while watching movies and sporting events, this is even more of a concern. Additionally, because many people watch TV at night, eating during this activity is harmful because eating late at night is associated with weight gain.

No Meat One Day A Week

If your family relies heavily upon meat products and you're a bit concerned, a fun nutrition challenge is to eat a vegetarian diet one day a week. You'll want to shop for a variety of protein- and fiber-packed veggie ingredients for this challenge so that every member of your family feels satiated. Legumes, tofu, and nuts are all valuable veggie ingredients that you can incorporate into your family's diet one day each week.

Talk with health professionals and nutrition experts about different nutrition plans and diets that can help foster better eating habits and health in your family.