Purchasing Competition Leotards

Posted on: 14 October 2017

Many young children enjoy participating in gymnastics. The sport provides kids with the opportunity to learn new and exciting skills while participating on a team. If your child is going to be competing against other youths at gymnastics meets, then having the right leotard is important.

The leotard your child wears during a competition can have an effect on his or her overall score, making it important to get the right outfit. Here are three tips that you can use to purchase the best possible competition leotard for your child in the future.

1. Make sure there is enough coverage.

The last thing you want your child to worry about when competing in a gymnastics meet is his or her undergarments showing during a routine. As you shop for a competition leotard, be sure that you are keeping coverage in mind.

The leotard should provide enough coverage to adequately conceal underwear lines and bra straps. The fit should be snug in order to ensure proper coverage as well. A leotard that is too big will gap and be revealing, while a leotard that is too small will ride up and cause your child's undergarments to show.

2. Make sure the material is breathable.

Another important consideration that must be made when shopping for competition leotards is the material used to create each piece.

When your child is competing in gymnastics events, he or she will work up a sweat. In order to prevent this moisture from causing chafing and other forms of discomfort, the material a leotard is made from should be breathable. Look for a leotard made from cotton, spandex, or nylon to ensure maximum comfort.

3. Make sure the leotard is attractive.

Coverage and comfort are important when purchasing a leotard, but you should also consider how the leotard looks on your child. Judges will award points at a gymnastics meet based partly on the overall aesthetic of your child.

The right leotard should be flashy enough to draw attention to your child, but not so flashy that it diverts attention away from your child's performance. Holographic patterns and rhinestones can be utilized to make a leotard more attractive, and you should ensure that the color of the material complements your child's hair and skin tone.

Investing in competition leotards is important if your child will be participating in gymnastics. Be sure to look for leotards with proper coverage, the ability to breathe, and an attractive design.