Select A Swing Set For Your Children That Offers These Additional Attractions

Posted on: 26 September 2017

Setting up a swing set in your backyard will leave your children with wide smiles on their faces and an eagerness to get outside and begin enjoying the new addition. While a swing set can provide plenty of entertainment, a larger unit that has other attractions beyond a pair of swings can be even more fun. An elaborate swing set and supporting structure should ideally have plenty of play stations for your children and for the friends who visit them to play. If you're shopping for a swing set, here are some additional features to look for.

Climbing Wall

Many large swing set structures come with a climbing wall that shares some similarities with an indoor rock climbing wall, but is safer for your children. For example, a climbing wall on a swing set structure may only be a few yards in height, and will commonly be mounted at an angle so that it's easier for the children to climb. While this structure will be covered in knobs that your kids can grab with their hands and step on with their feet, they'll also be able to pull their bodies upward with a heavy rope that hangs vertically in front of the climbing wall.

Ship's Wheel

Children will love the idea of climbing to a platform close to the top of the swing set structure and surveying the scene around them. One way to further make this area desirable is to buy a swing set structure that has a ship's wheel mounted to the fence. With the ship's wheel, imaginative children will be able to spend hours steering the wheel and imagining that they're at the help of a pirate ship or other type of ship, and will get plenty of enjoyment out of picturing the entire play structure as a vessel.


It's also possible to find a swing set structure that has one or two slides, and this feature can be a significant source of enjoyment for your children. You can often find a structure with slides at each end, and you'll commonly find that one side is open and the other is enclosed. Children will have fun sliding down both slides and adventurous children will especially enjoy plunging into the enclosed slide and hollering on the way down to hear their joyful voices echoing as they descend. By selecting a swing set structure with these features, you'll give your children countless hours of backyard fun.

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