Get Out Of The Restaurant Rut: Exciting Date Ideas

Posted on: 14 September 2017

If you and your significant other are getting bored with going to restaurant after restaurant for date nights, then you should break out of the boring cycle and choose a more exciting date idea. There are lots of things you can do besides go to a restaurant or a movie—things that will be exciting and thrilling. Some of these are outdoors and perfect for a nice afternoon date, while others can be done indoors and are great if you are looking for something to do at night. Here are a few to consider.

Indoor Rappelling

This is a super fun time, and if you live near an indoor rock climbing place, then you might be able to find a place like this. Rappelling is how people get down a cliffside. If you've ever seen an action movie where people hook up to a rope (a rappel line) and make their way down a mountain without climbing, then you've seen rappelling. It involves jumping off the cliff and landing a few feet down, and then progressing down the mountain section by section. It looks a lot like the people are bouncing off the side of the mountain by their feet. It's super fun, and if you practice indoors you will have the safety of a controlled environment. This is really cool if you are already interested in mountain climbing since rappelling is such a big part of mountain climbing.

Race Car Driving

If you or your date are die-hard car fans, then there is nothing cooler than going out and finding a place where you can drive a nice race car. There are race tracks that are designed for adults who want to have the experience of what it's like to drive in the Indy 500. You can buckle up into a super fast car and take it out on the track. You will be given lessons first by professionals who will train you how to navigate the tight turns and on how it's different to drive a fast car than it is to drive a regular car. And best of all, it's safe and legal. So, you can go as fast as you want without worrying about getting tickets. 

Skydiving Classes

For the ultimate thrill, you should consider skydiving classes. These are the best way to get a pure adrenaline rush. You can get into a small plane with your date and the instructor and then fly high up in the air and jump. For first-timers, the chutes will all be auto release, so you don't have to worry about pulling the cord. If you are really nervous, you and your date can both go tandem and can each jump with an instructor who will make sure the chutes open. Finally, you will also have the really cool option of getting it recorded by GoPro cameras that will be attached to your helmets. A really fun way to commemorate the date.