Just Started Playing Golf And Want A Golf Cart? 3 Different Types To Choose From

Posted on: 18 August 2017

If you have just started playing golf and you love it, you will want to purchase a golf cart at some point. Fortunately, there are many types to choose from and you can start out with something that is inexpensive. If you decide that you will continue playing golf for a long time, you can get one that is more expensive later. Below are three different types to help you get started.


The least expensive type of golf carts you will find are non-electric. You have the option between a push and a pull cart. Push golf carts are popular with many golfers. They generally have three or four wheels and have room to carry your golf clubs and accessories. You can control a push golf cart easily. You do have to consider that you will have to use a lot of muscle to push the cart around the green. This is a benefit, however, as it can help you strengthen the muscles in your arms and make you a better golfer.

Pull golf carts are smaller than push carts. They have two wheels and as the name implies you pull the cart behind you. This would work out well if you do not have a lot of golf clubs yet. They are more difficult to control, however. This is likely the least expensive option for you.


You should consider purchasing an electric golf cart, or purchase this later on when you realize you will continue playing golf. This will make things much easier for you no matter how old you are. Electric golf carts have a motor much like the motor in a lawnmower. You simply drive the cart around the green where you need to go. You can find electric carts to accommodate one or more passenger.


Obviously gas-powered golf carts require gas to be driven, and they work much like a car. This is the most powerful golf cart but it is noisier when running when compared to golf carts run by battery. If you often have to go through rough terrain when golfing, this would be the best choice for you.

Talk with the salesperson selling the golf carts to learn much more about these types, as well as other types they will likely have on their lot. They can answer any questions you have to help you choose the golf cart that would work best for you. You can also visit websites like Cart Company.