Tailgate Tag-Along: Three Tailgating Jobs To Hand To The Kids

Posted on: 28 July 2017

Sharing your love of sports with your children is a favorite past time of most parents. Most families will develop a favorite sport and favorite sports teams and will hold on to them for many generations. Being able to sit down and enjoy a game together is a fun thing to do several times a month. On really special occasions, you may be interested in taking your child tailgating. When your children are old enough to enjoy listening to the game and eating with friends and family near the stadium, they should be old enough to help with preparations. Here are three tailgating jobs to hand to the children:

Coordinating the family clothing

Picking out coordinating clothing is two fold when you are going to a tailgate. The first reason is that you want to be able to spot every member of your family in the crowded lot. The second reason is that you want the family to get into the right team spirit. For the tailgate, have your children come up with a "family uniform" that may include bright colored pants and a shirt from everyone's favorite player. If you do not own jerseys from the sports team, the kids can decorate a shirt for everyone with puff-paint that will showcase team spirit and make sure that the family looks alike. 

Picking out the menu

If you are going out tailgating, you will need to bring chairs, a portable television set, and plenty of food. Allow your children to help create the menu for the tailgate that they will go on. If you are bringing along a grill, they may want to cook hotdogs and corn on the cob. If there is no space for a hot grill, sandwiches and chips may be the menu that they make. Along with the main course, have them pick out snacks and the right drinks to keep the group hydrated. 

Unloading the car

While you will have to park the car and scout out the space to set up, your children should be responsible for unloading the vehicle. Take along several foldable garden wagons so that each child can pull out the coolers, food, chairs, and any other equipment that you will need to use for the evening. The kids will be able to pull the garden wagons to the destination and unload them to help with the car. Since the garden wagons can fold, they can be collapsed and set underneath the chairs until it is time to clean up and head to the car. This responsibility belonging to the kids will slowly acclimate them to learning how to plan out a tailgate on their own once they grow up and it is their turn. 

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