Master's Programs In Hospitality Management That Will Remain Relevant For A Long Time

Posted on: 22 July 2017

If you are hoping to grow your career in the hospitality industry, the forecasts should make you feel optimistic. In March 2017, the seasonally adjusted workforce totaled 15,803, compared with 15,924 in June 2017, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A master's degree in hospitality offers you a wide range of job opportunities anywhere in the world, at every pay scale, in varied work environments. Go for programs that nurture critical thinking and focus on research from a multicultural and multidisciplinary perspective as that is the future of the industry.

Master's Degree in Innovative Hospitality Management

Innovative hospitality management programs are centered on innovation, hospitality, and management. Any professional who hopes to flourish longer in the hospitality industry will need to hone their skill in applying and consolidating research methods. They will also need to excel in interpersonal and multicultural skills to provide high-quality experiences to their clients. The ability to design and implement efficient and flexible management and leadership strategies is also a must for in the hospitality industry in the 21st century and beyond.  

Master's Degree in Global Hospitality Leadership

A global hospitality program is an excellent way to prepare yourself and sharpen your ability to address the challenges facing modern-day hospitality companies by developing a 360-degree perspective of hospitality across local, regional and global levels. A well-thought master's degree in global hospitality curriculum will teach you how to comprehensively analyze the diverse sectors, challenges, and prospects of hospitality and design futuristic solutions. It will also cover hospitality standards and practices across the U.S and other international and emerging markets. Go for a program that covers the foundations of the industry while at the same time helping you develop global leadership and management skills.  

Executive Master of Hospitality and Tourism Management

It will take all-rounded, advanced leadership skills for one to succeed in executive management in the increasingly competitive hospitality industry. Most executive master's programs in hospitality will cover corporate social responsibility, human resources, marketing, financial analysis, training and development, research, management, and administration. Integrating such a large number of focus areas equips you for a senior level management career where you understand the critical aspects of the business. Find an executive program that also covers convention, exhibition, sports hospitality, and club and gaming management.

MSc Cultural Tourism Management

If you desire a career that directly impacts local communities, studying MSc Heritage and Cultural Tourism Management is a good place to be. Cultural and creative tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the tourism industry. However, to succeed, you will need to learn how to develop tangible and intangible cultural assets. Choose a program that teaches you how to create local distinctiveness and develop comparative advantages in the face of globalization. In the end, you should also know how to formulate policies that protect local communities, design visual products from cultural diversities, and help build opportunities for healthy and sustainable community relationships and partnerships.

When deciding on a master's package in the hospitality industry that will boost your career now and in the many years to come, look out for programs that cover current and future leadership competencies including communication, personal development, leadership, interculturality, change management, networking, and social responsibility and commitment.