Are You Retiring? Consider Selling Your Home And Moving Into An RV

Posted on: 22 June 2017

If you are retiring soon, you should consider selling your home and moving into an RV. Because you will be living in your RV much of the time you need a large one so you and your spouse can be comfortable. Below is some more information about this so you can decide if this is something you and your spouse would like to do.

Class A RV

Class A RVs are the largest, so they are what most people that plan to live on the road use. These RVs can look like a real home inside. Some of these RVs have slide out sections. For example, when you stop for the night you can press a button and the sides will slide out to give you a lot more interior space.

This type of RV generally has appliances you need, such as a stove, dishwasher and even a washer and dryer. They have full showers and/or bathtubs and home entertainment systems. You will also have a full master suite. There is enough room to stock this RV so you can stay on the road for as long as you want.

There are some drawbacks of a Class A RV. For example, they are expensive and can be difficult to drive due to their size. You will have a hard time driving it down narrow roads.

You can find Class A RVs that are fueled by gasoline or diesel. Diesel engines are more fuel efficient but an RV run by diesel is generally more expensive.

Bring Along Your Car

If you plan to stop at campsites across the country you likely want to visit the surrounding areas. It would be very difficult to do this with a large RV as you would not have many places to park it and there may not be any space that is large enough.

For this reason, you should consider towing your car behind the RV. This way you can simply stop and set up your RV and then take off in your car to enjoy the sites around you.

If you do not want to bring a long a car, you could call a taxi to take you to the local car rental company and rent a car for the day.

Visit RV dealers in your area to look at this type, as well as other types. If you want to save money, the RV dealer, such as Niemeyer RV Sales & Service, likely has used RVs for sale.