Escape From NY: Two Outdoor Adventures To Get You Out Of The City

Posted on: 18 July 2016

If you're sick of the heat and crowds of the city, then here are two cool outdoor adventures that you can enjoy this summer.

For A Hike and Then A Swim In A Lake: Harriman State Park

Harriman State Park is located north of Manhattan in an area called Ramapo. You can get there by taking the New Jersey transit trains from Penn Station, or you can drive up the Major Degan and cross the Tappan Zee bridge.

Harriman State Park is an enormous park and has over 200 miles of trails, so it's definitely not a place you will get bored with quickly. When you are done hiking around the mountain trails, make sure to cool off at Lake Tiorati beach. It's a lake, but the beach and lifeguards will have you thinking you made your way to the Jersey Shore, except you won't have to deal with the huge crowds.

Whitewater Raft The Delaware River

If you prefer to be out on the water, then check out the Delaware River. This river is located up in the tri-state region. You can find a whitewater rafting launch on either the Pennsylvania side or the New York side. The river is not as rough and dangerous as some of the country's other whitewater spots, but it does have enough waves and fast moving spots to provide plenty of thrills. The river has class 1 and 2 whitewater, and some very fun spots including the areas around Skinners Falls and Barryville.

Most people do a short run, so you don't need to arrange for camping equipment unless you want to hang out all day by the riverside and fish or swim in the water. The two main towns that you can use as the base point in your trip are Matamoras, Pennsylvania and Port Jervis, New York. They are opposite each other, separated by a bridge that crosses the Delaware. There is a train that goes right into Port Jervis from Penn Station (via a transfer at Secaucus Junction). You can catch a cab at the train station and they will take you to the whitewater outfitter you are using for your trip.

If you want to make it more than a day trip, then you can use one of the parks designated camping spots. There are bathrooms and showers located at some of the different campground locations within the park.

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